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Developing Techniques

 Behind countless hours of untouched methods to create a special swim trunk, we faced ourselves with a thrilling breakthrough. Our team of engineers realized other brands deny you comfort, durability, and quality, due to long hours of work they find meaningless and not worthy of. Our philosophy lead us in a direction few people wandered and we proudly share all our unique methods with you.
Techniques Include:
- Teflon Treatment to repel water
- Color Treatment against chlorine and salt water
- SPF50+ protection from harmful UV rays
- Sublimation Printing to prevent color fading
- Four-way stretch undergarment for comfort
- Hand Sewn each piece for top quality
- Localization Printing for exact design layout
Where other brands fail:
- No teflon treatment due to extra costs. They use the raw fabric without science hoping their swimwear dries quick.
- Cheap Color Treatments against chlorine and salt water to avoid lower profits.
- SPF20+ to save on treatment costs.
- Digital Printing, your average home printer, which is known to fade colors with few washes.
- No undergarment to avoid extra costs on fabric.
- Hand process to underpay the people behind the manufacturing.
- Running Printing technique that is done without effort and each piece has a different design location.