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Tired of ending your beach and pool adventures early? With Trouvaille you don't have to! 



Trouvaille swim trunks come with an integrated undergarment that avoids the annoying chafing. Don't know what chafing is? Chafing occurs when the mesh lining rubs against your thighs and rashes occur. Engineering a fabric to avoid rashes was a challenge, but that didn't stop us from adding various features to help your Trouvaille last longer!

Features  Purpose
Moisture Wicking Technology   Natural fabric retains moisture on outer part of undergarment to keep you feeling dry inside.
 Quick Dry Properties

 Technology driven fabric dries quicker, keeping you more comfortable.

 Chlorine Protection Technology  Protects fabrics from chlorine based waters.
Salt Protection Technology  Protects fabrics from salt based waters.
 Bacteria Resistant Properties

 Protects fabrics from bacteria accumulation.

 Ultraviolet Ray Protection

 Protects skin from sun rays up to SPF 50, blocking 98% of unwanted UV rays.